Transforming the payments landscape

LedgerPay’s cloud-based processing and innovative Payments Intelligence™ platform
changes the game for merchants

LedgerPay, a Quisitive company, is an innovative payment processing and Payments Intelligence™ platform and data insights company whose solutions are designed to optimize a merchant’s payment processing and consumer engagement operations. It is the only payment processing platform solution leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver a full suite of acquiring, issuing, and processing services with unmatched speed, security, and access to your data.

The company’s patented Payments Intelligence™ solution captures and analyzes rich data from every card-based transaction in every channel. Our Engagement Engine transforms every merchant’s ability to deliver personalized promotions based on an individual’s historic buying behaviors and category preferences to shoppers at the point of purchase in real-time. By seamlessly integrating payments, AI-based predictive analytics, and targeted push marketing operations in a single cloud-based solution, LedgerPay’s Payments Intelligence™ is proven to dramatically increase a merchant’s customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

In today’s highly volatile brick-and-mortar environment, creating value for the consumer right at the point of sale is everything. Our cloud-based Payments Intelligence™ solution gives merchants direct insights into the behaviors of all the customers in their store and the opportunity to personally engage with them in a way that drives loyalty and revenue.

— Mike Reinhart, CEO