Modern payments designed for ISOs

Advanced tools that streamline operations, lower costs, and drive profits

Lower overhead costs and boost profits with automated ISO management tools

LedgerPay provides ISOs with the advantage of competitive, flexible pricing and a suite of automated ISO management tools designed to lower overhead and boost profits. Plus, we give you the unmatched scalability, security, and advanced reporting of a cloud-enabled payment processor.

LedgerPay offers ISOs full suite of payment services:

  • Support for Card-Not-Present (CNP), Card Present, and mobile transactions
  • Comprehensive Gift Card and Stored Value programs: Issuance, activation, redemption, and management
  • Loyalty program creation and management
  • Push-to-card capabilities and an advanced, integrated rules engine to trigger targeted promotions and react to potential fraud

Most importantly, we are the only processor to offer a set of new, automated management tools designed to lower overhead and make your business more profitable and easier to manage.

Simplify Your Business

Robust ISO Management Dashboard
Robust ISO Management Dashboard

Our smart dashboard has tools to simplify portfolio management, sales metrics, automatic new merchant boarding, custom reporting, optional merchant statement layouts, and much more. At the click of the mouse our dashboard gives you a detailed look at your portfolio to stay proactive instead of reactive.

Automated Agent Residual Computation and Payment
Automated Agent Residual Computation and Payment

In today’s world we want information in real time. Gone are the old days of waiting weeks after the month end to receive and distribute residuals. Eliminate the cost and inaccuracy of manual agent residual computation and management. With LedgerPay residuals are computed automatically on a configurable timeline (daily, weekly, monthly).

Simple Merchant Boarding
Simple Merchant Boarding

We take the pain out of boarding new accounts through automation. Auto approvals with the ability to offer MIDS instantly, allows you to get your merchants processing same day.

rolling view of agent residual income and rolling view of new merchant accounts

LedgerPay Portal ISO Dashboard

Protect Your Business

Automatic Rule–Based Merchant Reserve and Risk Management System
Automatic Rule–Based Merchant Reserve and Risk Management System

Allows you set custom parameters around each merchant to monitor risk and transactions. Allows ISOs to setup rule-based triggers and controls, right down to the individual transaction level of managed merchant reserve accounts.

Rule-Based Underwriting Guidelines

Our tools allow you to approval low risk merchant automatically while flagging higher risk merchant for manual reviews.

automatic chargeback management
Automatic Chargeback Management

Eliminates the burden, expense, and overhead of traditional, manual chargeback processing and management.

Fraud Control Risk Quotient Checks and Measures

configure the risk profile to apply to each to merchant to help identify and manage fraud

Customizable Portfolio Management System

simple, flexible pricing
Simple, Flexible Pricing

Adjust your pricing easily and quickly in real time through our browser-based tool. Set standard rack-rate pricing for merchant categories that can be easily altered/extended for special cases.

merchant statement
Merchant Statement

We offer several merchant statement layouts to give some flexibility on what you want your merchant to see.

white label merchant and iso portal
White Label Merchant and ISO Portal

Our platform is designed with the ISO’s branding in mind. Ledger Pay gives you the tools all in one place with no need for 3rd party solutions all promoting your brand.  Build your brand on your statements, application, portals and marketing.

late next day funding cut off
Late Next-Day Funding Cutoff

LedgerPay’s next-day funding allows businesses to receive deposits from their transactions the very next business day.

risk quotient see calculated risk value indicating risk of fraud and action taken

Risk Quotient View

redefining modern payments for ISOs

Our best-in-class marketing tools, resources, and support have been designed to help you address the needs of merchants of all sizes in all industries with the fastest, most reliable response time available.

To learn more about how LedgerPay can help your ISO successfully resell services and manage your merchants more effectively, contact us now or download the white paper.