Cloud based electronic payment
platform built for ISVs

Adding a new, profitable dimension to your business

Greater differentiation, lower churn, more value, and a new revenue stream

Integrating with LedgerPay seamlessly adds payments to your solution set and broadens your appeal to merchants.

Gain complete control over payments pricing for your customers and add a number of key competitive advantages:

  • Increases differentiation from competitors
  • Lowers churn by delivering a new value add
  • Reduces merchant costs through cost-effective processing
  • Create an entirely new source of reoccurring revenue.

LedgerPay makes it easy!

New Revenue and Value

Add Payments Functionality to Your Solution
Easily add value to your software and drive a new, monthly stream of re-occurring revenue without risk.

Serve Your Customers Better
Streamline their vendor management, offer more data, and have a better experience through a single-source solution.

Comprehensive  Support and Service
Our turnkey platform and program manages the entire process, allowing you to seamlessly offer payments.

Competitive Advantage
Offering payments differentiates your solution while creating new sales and cross-sell opportunities.

No Extra Headcount
Our automated systems and easy-to-use portal let you manage payments operations at a click of the mouse.

A One-Stop-Shop

Seamless Integration
API’s make it easy to connect your software to our platform.  Full or semi-integrations available.

Data Breach Protection
Every transaction is processed with the highest level of data protection.

Accept Payments Anytime and Anywhere
Deliver an excellent customer experience across in-store, mobile, and online payments acceptance.

Better Customer Service
We give you access to all your transaction and settlements so you can give your customers faster service.

Auto Merchant Approvals
We can automatically approve your merchant with instant MID’s with many SIC codes.

rolling view of agent residual income and rolling view of new merchant accounts

LedgerPay Portal ISO Dashboard

Comprehensive Protection

Automatic Rule–Based Merchant Reserve and Risk Management System
Automatic Rule–Based Merchant Reserve and Risk Management System

Allows you to set custom parameters around each merchant to monitor risk and transactions. Allows ISOs to setup rule-based triggers and controls, right down to the individual transaction level of managed merchant reserve accounts.

Rule-Based Underwriting Guidelines

Our tools allow you to approve low risk merchant automatically while flagging higher risk merchant for manual reviews.

automatic chargeback management
Automatic Chargeback Management

Eliminates the burden, expense, and overhead of traditional, manual chargeback processing and management.

Managing Transactions Through the ISV Portal 

Extend the Value and Impact of Your Brand

white label merchant and iso portal
White Label Merchant and ISO Portal

Our platform is designed with the ISO’s branding in mind. Ledger Pay gives you the tools all in one place with no need for 3rd party solutions all promoting your brand.  Build your brand on your statements, application, portals and marketing.

simple, flexible pricing
Simple, Flexible Pricing

Adjust your pricing easily and quickly in real time through our browser-based tool. Set standard rack-rate pricing for merchant categories that can be easily altered/extended for special cases.

merchant statement
Merchant Statement

We offer several merchant statement layouts to give some flexibility on what you want your merchant to see.

late next day funding cut off
Late Next-Day Funding Cutoff

LedgerPay’s next-day funding allows businesses to receive deposits from their transactions the very next business day.

configure the risk profile to apply to each to merchant to help identify and manage fraud

Fraud Control Risk Quotient Checks and Measures

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