Leveling the playing field for brick-and-mortar merchants

Eliminate blind spots, know your customer better, engage them in real time at the POS

Utilize customer purchase behavior to increase loyalty and engagement

Up until now, traditional merchants have been at a disadvantage to e-commerce competitors because every shopper routinely gives away personal data as part of the process of online browsing and buying.

Online retailers gain an advantage over brick-and-mortar competitors by using that data to build detailed buyer behavior profiles for marketing and engagement.

Brick-and-mortar merchants have been unable to engage the majority of their customers because they have had no way of associating shopping behaviors or preferences with individual consumers. Although traditional card or app-based loyalty programs are prevalent, low adoption and high churn rates typically produce only low single-digit participation.

The result: Merchants face a huge blind spot to the behaviors and buying preferences of the majority of their customers.

LedgerPay’s Payments Intelligence™ solution changes all of that.

How LedgerPay Payments Intelligence™ Works

payments intelligence identifies and captures customer behavior, uses payment data to build customer profiles, performs real time segmentation, pushes designed offers at point of sale, measures customer response rate, and leverages artificial intelligence to learn and improve performance

Payments Intelligence™ transforms the game by extracting rich, line-item data from every electronic-based payment transaction while still anonymizing the card holder’s identity. Since LedgerPay’s solution sits at the heart of the payments flow, we see every detail of every transaction, by every customer, in every channel.

The capture and AI-based analysis of this data allows us to build individual customer profiles that predict a shopper’s future purchase behavior and category preferences. This allows merchants to deliver highly targeted, relevant, and personalized promotions at the point-of-sale in real time while shoppers are still in the store.

Payments Intelligence™ eliminates a merchant’s blind spots by providing direct visibility into the preferences and purchasing behaviors of all of your customers, not just the ones enrolled in loyalty programs. This creates the opportunity to know your customer better than ever while also enabling you to drive a new level of personalized customer engagement with every shopper.

Merchants like quick service restaurants, convenience stores, big-box retailers, and grocery stores now have an entirely new way of seamlessly capturing and connecting the shopping behaviors with every individual consumer in their stores in real time.

Merchants can use Payments Intelligence™ to increase foot traffic and frequency, promote new products, increase average ticket price, and more, all while engaging and delighting customers in a way that increases customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.


See line-item detail of every card-based purchase, in every transaction, by every customer, in every channel.


Gain direct visibility into the purchasing behaviors and preferences of all of your customers.

No Impact

Works with any existing processor or loyalty program.
Loyalty Without Friction

Loyalty Without

Create seamless customer engagement without the friction of an opt-in process.
Automated, Targeted Promotions

Automated, Targeted

Push personalized promotions that engage the consumer in real-time at the POS.


Increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Connecting with 100% of Your Customers: How to Bridge the Gap Between Engagement and Loyalty

The inability to engage customers at the pump and draw them into the store creates a huge “blind spot” in the behaviors and purchase patterns of C-store customers. LedgerPay changes all of that – download our new eBook and learn how you can seamlessly engage with every customer whether they are in your loyalty program or not.