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Full-stack, cloud-enabled payment processing

The cloud has transformed the technology landscape, but there’s one area that has been left behind: Payment Processing. Even the “modern” processing systems are based on dated legacy technology platforms that limit retailers to banks and settlement networks with basic methods of accepting non-cash payments. In exchange, merchants give up material amounts of margin to accept card payments, impacting already compressed profits.

LedgerPay’s payment processing solution was built on a cloud-enabled modern architecture which means the cost of operation is substantially less than legacy payment processors. You get a full suite of traditional payment processing services for a lower fee per transaction.

LedgerPay offers merchants the scalability and speed of a cloud-enabled, payment processor with a direct connection to VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and the key debit networks with no intermediaries to provide the fastest and most reliable response times. We deliver a full suite of payment services, including:

  • Card issuance
  • Card-Not-Present (CNP)
  • Card Present transactions
  • Comprehensive gift card programs
  • Stored value programs: Issuance, activation, redemption, and management
  • Loyalty program management: Push-to-card, and an integrated rules engine to trigger targeted promotions and react to potential fraud.

Our cloud-enabled architecture offers unlimited capacity without the maintenance and compliance burdens of multiple data centers while also enabling easy, web-based access to all your data, as well as simple integration to your existing ERP or accounting systems.

To learn more about how LedgerPay can help you streamline your payment processing, contact us now.

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Advanced, cloud-enabled processing
APIs for a wide range of terminal and tablets
Direct, secure access to all merchant data
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Robust online reporting
Advanced, rapid, configurable reporting
Automatic chargeback management
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Gift card activation and management
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Stored value management
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Fully PCI-DSS and CCPA compliant